Dynamic Gas Scavenging System (DGSS)

Depending on your brand of anesthesia machine, using the DGSS interface will flow from 2-8 liters/min, and only when a case is in progress…so the weekly total per OR is (8 x 60 x 40) = 19,200 liters.  The best case is 4800 liters/week (a 99% reduction in WAGD flow) with some anesthesia machines.

Without the DGSS, generating this high flow requires that the vacuum pumps at your facility run almost continuously.  At our home institution, the normal “duty cycle” (percentage of time running) was about 92% - with the DGSS the duty cycle is now 8%.  The life-expectancy of a vacuum pump would be significantly extended.  With a 90% reduction in duty, the life-span could be as much as 3-4 times expected…

Please take a few minutes to read the paper on the DGSS and how it can save your facility money and reduce excess waste. 
(Evaluation of DGSS.pdf)

DGSS is available exclusively from Anesthesia Specialties in Ohio, Southern Michigan, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Contact Jonathan Uber for more information or vist the Anesthetic Gas Reclamation ( AGR) website.